How It Works


Image Sources

Artkick organizes and formats the images and then makes them available for your selection.

Control Artkick from your SmartDevice–think of it as an intelligent remote control. Large, stunning images are displayed on your TV.

Images You Love

Artkick brings endless art streaming free to anyone with an internet connected TV. The images you love appear on your wall easily and instantly. Information and content on the art you view is visible on your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to learn more about art every day.

Discovery Made Easy


To make discovery easier, the images are organized into categories. However, your Viewlists can include art from any category (just as Playlists can include songs from multiple genres like Jazz, Rock and Rap).

Import Personal Photos



Personalize Artkick by importing your photo albums from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Picasa and SmugMug.

Create and Share Viewlists

Create a new Viewlist to easily display or share your favorites.

Find images you like and add
them to a Viewlist.

Share Viewlists with friends.



You choose what to display. You can display one image on your TV for a long time or “play” a wide range of included Viewlists. You can even create your own Viewlists and share them with your friends.