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Artkick 3.31 – Check it Out!

The newest version of Artkick is now available on Google Play and the iOS App Store. What’s new:

— New Viewlist menu with content aware options

— You can now share an entire Viewlist, not just a single image

— Entire Viewlists can be saved to ‘My Viewlists’

— Revised TV connection process

— New Travel category

— Slideshow intervals now maintain indefinitely in most cases

— Support for vertically mounted TVs with Chromecasts

— You can now search for only vertical or horizontal images

— Performance enhancements especially when reloading the app

— Various bug fixes

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The Impressionism Revolution

Our new Featured Viewlist has images from the first exhibit by the Impressionists in Paris, 1874. These 30 artists were considered revolutionary, and not in a good way. The paintings were described as crude and unfinished. The artists were thought to be untalented. Monet’s painting, Impressionism: Sunrise, provided the name when a critic later wrote a scathing review and called the group, Impressionists, in a sarcastic way. The name stuck. Check it out.  Read more

It’s Almost Valentine’s Day

Of course you haven’t forgotten that Valentine’s Day is February 14th, have you? That’s just hours away and the clock is ticking. It’s ALWAYS February 14th so why do so many of us forget to make plans until the last minute? But perhaps you’re all set, excited about the amazing evening planned for that special person?

Well if you don’t, better get on it. We’re here to help so take a look at our Valentine’s Day themed images. I guarantee that they will set the mood at your home. Check it out. Read more