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Getty Images is the premiere supplier of photography to leading newspapers, magazines and websites.

BACKSTAGE PASS - gives instant access to images from worldwide celebrity events including awards, concerts, movie premieres, red carpets, fashion shows, celebrity parties, and more.

SIDELINE PASS - gives instant access to global coverage within hours of live action sporting events including NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, FIFA, F1 & NASCAR racing, tennis, golf, college sports and more.

PRESS PASS - covers breaking news from around the world. Photojournalists travel the world to visually tell these stories.

Over a half million other photographs and works of art

Access other magnificent photographs and stunning works of art from photos.com, the world’s leading museums, NASA, Library of Congress, Hubble ...even your own personal photos.

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Your smartphone or tablet lets you control the images on your TV—think of it as an intelligent remote control. It’s easy.

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Take a one-minute tour to see how Artkick can turn your TV into an interactive picture frame displaying magnificent photographs and stunning art.

Millions of photographs and works of art

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Artkick Wins Best Social / Lifestyle App Award

Artkick Wins Best Social / Lifestyle App Award


We are excited to tell you that Artkick just won the “best social / lifestyle mobile app” award from the BMA. Apps that increase productivity, help people network together or keep people informed on the go are considered. The contest represents the best mobile apps for Android, iPhone, the Windows phone and Blackberry. Their committee of expert judges goes through a thorough and complete examination of every mobile app submitted. The key criteria are: Functionality, Creativity, Productivity, Innovativeness, Design, Originality, and Usability.

Your feedback has helped us make the app better. That’s why we won!

Artkick on the Today Show!

Artkick on the Today Show!


It’s always nice when the media talks about us. It’s even nicer when it’s on television. And it happened this past Monday, August 12th, as Artkick appeared on the Today Show. The Gadget Guy, Steve Greenberg did a segment on his favorite apps. He loves Artkick! CLICK HERE TO WATCH